about me

You know when I was a little girl there was a popular TV show called The Incredible Hulk. And the man who played the actual Hulk was a large guy named Lou Ferrigno. He was a retired professional bodybuilder and he was a perfect Hulk. They painted him green and he ripped his clothes off in his transformation. The boys in the neighborhood were ruthless and said I must be a boy because my name was Lou, like his. I did not like this. And i did not like my name.

One of the advantages to moving a lot as a child, is that for a short time I went by Louise and that was not a fit either. So I went back to Lou and by this time I had grown boobs, so the teasing got better. It wasn’t until I was an adult until i really celebrated my name, and that’s because I began to celebrate me.

And I loved that I was different and unique. I have learned to love all the things about me that make me me. I am an artist and a lover. I love people and animals. I love beauty and pain. I love watching others come out on the other side of struggle because they are SO much more real and colorful. I am me. i am lou.