Why do we fear failure? Why do we deep down overthink things and then put so much pressure on ourselves? I have been WANTING to write on this blog. But I haven’t done it. You know why? Can you guess? I have been fearing the result. I have a whole list of things to write about. Or even just ‘talk about’ as I view it in my head. But I keep getting hung up on the fact that it has to be GOOD. or maybe even GREAT. So, I don’t put it out there. I don’t do this. Which is what I want to do. Soooo D U M B.

I have this belief that my words will not having meaning. or value. But yet, I receive such good feedback when I do sit down and put my thoughts out there. So then I ask, what am I AFRAID of??? I don’t understand this block.

When my sister and I did Brené Brown‘s Living Brave class, she taught us about the SFD: Shitty First Draft. She said one thing we needed to do was sit down and just write it. Write down everything you are thinking and feeling. She said you can burn it when you are done. But the main point is just to do it. So I know this is the way to get started. I know that as a writer the key is to write. Yet, I still have fear.

And so one more time I ask myself, what are you so afraid of? That no one will read this. Or that everyone will? That people will think less of me, or differently? I tell myself I don’t really care what people think. But that is so not true. Because deep down I TOTALLY do. And I think most of us do. We want to be liked. We want to be loved. We want to be approved of.

So what you are you afraid of? What are you not doing because you deep down are afraid?



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